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The Basics: Moss

Put simply, mosses are small, non-vascular plants composed of a foot, stalk and capsule.  They have no true flowers, fruits, stems or roots and in place of seeds they have spores.  Their leaves are generally only one cell thick.

Able to grow almost anywhere, moss can be found from the Arctic Circle to the heart of equatorial rainforests. Britain's damp, temperate climate provides excellent conditions for moss to flourish on array of surfaces: pavements, rooftops, walls, masonry, trees and turf.

Moss, whether naturally grown or cultivated, can be an aesthetically pleasing feature of many a landscape.  It is also an important soil erosion control agent, stabilising the soil and protecting it against wind and rainfall.

However, there are also circumstances where moss is unwelcome.  In many cases this is simply an aesthetic choice.  In others moss can present a real and significant slip hazard.  In these instances moss control or removal is required; generally achieved through either physical (brushing or washing) or chemical (herbicide) means.

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