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Moss on Hard Surfaces

A splash of water, a touch of shade and a sprinkling of detritus can make almost any hard surface a haven for moss.  Flag and block paving, brick walls, roof tiles, stone steps, concrete floors, wood panelling, tennis courts....

As time marches inexorably onwards and the erosive elements of wind and rain exact their toll, the likelihood of an infestation becomes only more likely as moss spores are granted optimal growth conditions in the dark, damp and debris-filled cracks and crevices of ageing surfaces.  The abundance of weathered stone architecture and damp, mild weather make the British Isles an ideal environment for moss to proliferate.

The aesthetic qualities of moss make its presence desirable in some settings and unwelcome in others; at home in a cottage garden or climbing the wall of an ancient church whilst at the same time considered foul when found marring the clean lines of modern office buildings.

What is not in dispute however is that moss can create a significant slip hazard when present on a hard, trafficked surface.  This is especially true when the surface is wet.  In a manner similar to ice, employers and landlords have a responsibility to mitigate the risk of slip and trip hazards on their premises.

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