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Moss in Turf

Most, if not all, UK grounds keepers will have experienced moss issues in their turf at some point in their careers.  The British climate is in fact characterised by moss' favourite conditions: plenty of moisture and plenty of shade!  The presence of moss in turf is also a possible indicator of:

  1. Waterlogging
  2. Poor soil aeration
  3. Soil compaction
  4. Infertile/underfed soil
  5. Acidic conditions
  6. Drought (leading to turf stress)
  7. Weak/sparse sward coverage
  8. Over-shading

Unless the underlying issues that encourage the proliferation of moss are addressed, simply killing the current infestation is unlikely to provide an effective long term solution.  The moss will simply recolonise if the conditions (e.g. those listed above) remain unchanged.

Our professional teams offer managed turf care programmes that not only address any current moss issues, but increase the sward's resilience to further infestation through planned biocide, fertiliser and turf tonic applications; carrying out soil sampling where necessary.

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